Hi I’m Velvet! I’m not a celebrity trainer or pro athlete but a southern, suburban mom and wife who have always loved health and fitness. It is in my blood after watching my mom groove to Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons and Jane Kennedy back in the 80’s. I spent so much time in the gym lobby or kiddy room waiting for mom to complete her workout. As a child, my family was eating wheat bread and drinking skim milk before it became the trendy thing to do. When I was old enough to join the local gym at 16, it was only a given that it was where I was supposed to be.  So my dad signed me up and I have been hooked ever since!!

After 13 years as a realtor and real estate investor, I went back to get a B.S. in Exercise Science/Sports and Health Science. I also became a passionate cook and experimenting with healthy recipes is a regular routine for me. I even started blogging and Face booking about my fitness and health food journey. After recently discovering that I have gluten sensitivity, I learned to prepare creative and delicious gluten free foods. Now I am sent so many inbox messages from others regarding their health and fitness journeys, I can barely keep up with it all.

I have learned to balance a full time work schedule, classes, family and also schedule that me fitness time. Not saying that it is easy because it isn’t. I am here to tell women that it is possible to get back in shape after having babies even with a busy schedule.

I hope you enjoy the fitness and recipe videos along with all the resourceful content. This blog is meant to be both informative and fun. Like us on Face Book, find us on YouTube and look forward to our Apple and Droid app that is coming soon.


Contact:  totalbodyblast@gmail.com